My first blog!

First day of spring

Well, hello there! Welcome to my first blog and Happy Spring to you!

I've been working hard with my partner to get the new website up and running these last few weeks, it's a big moment for TismeEm and one that we hope becomes the start of an exciting new journey for us and we want to share with you along the way.

A big part of why we started TismeEm was because we were ready for a change of pace of life, to slow down and with a big family (we're 6!) wanted to create a happy 'the good life' type family home! TismeEm was created after we bought our first house together last February; a 17th century barn conversion, totally higgelty piggelty and in need of love. The floors are wonky, the ceilings are low and our bedroom doors remind me of hobbit doors! Mr TismeEm wanted a big DIY project, I love old houses, the village is lovely.. but the big hook was the outside space. The view out of our garden onto the fields and Pegsdon Hills in the background is really something.

I love to paint and I had been painting for a few years as a hobby while working. When our littlest TismeEm arrived last April, I knew I was ready to change my career path and wanted to create something from right here in our home. TismeEm was born and my purpose is to design and create items for you and to gift, that bring a smile and happiness to your home.

I'll be writing a weekly blog that will be a snapshot of the things we are up to; whether that is new products i'm working on, the renovation of the barn or my latest developments at trying to be green fingered :)

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey!

Please do follow me on instagram (@tismeem) and pinterest (@tismeem) too to see what i'm up to and content from others that I love.

Emma xo



  • I love the freshness of your designs and will certainly be ordering some of your products

    Lynette Aldridge
  • Hello! Thank you for sharing your journey with us! 💛

    Jennifer Carter

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