My Top 5 Favourites For Outdoor Entertaining

I hope you have been lucky enough to meet some of your loved ones outside by now, and have enjoyed everything from a picnic in the park and the beer garden to your own garden!

Our outside living space has never been so important and valuable this last year and, however big or small your garden is, there are lots of little things that can be done to create a garden space to entertain outdoors.

My top 5 favourites for outdoor entertaining and living

Outdoor dining style your outdoor space

1. Blankets

It's the UK, so I'm not sure how much we need to say on this (!), but having a box of blankets for yourself and guests to cosy up in will be very welcome by all should the weather be a little chilly. Soft and chunky knits and pops of colours are an easy way to bring your style and colours into the space.

2. Garden table accessories

Fill jugs with flowers and bring colour and vibrancy to the table. There are so many beautiful blooms out at the moment, I love all the tulips in my garden and I am looking forward to the imminent arrival of my favourite flower - Peonies! Take a look at my range of hand decorated large ceramic jugs, perfect jug vases to add to your table.

3. Candles

Yep when the sun starts to go down I love candles; small table candles and big pillar candles in storm vases. Scatter them around the garden and on your table, bring a  warm glow and feel the hygge vibes!

4. Mugs you can hug

Whether you want to hug a tea, coffee or a hot chocolate - or add a shot of something stronger - there's nothing like a good mug that you can hug your hands around! Take a look at my range of hand decorated barrel mugs that are the perfect hand hug!

5. Fairy Lights

Not just for Christmas, but all year round in my book! Drape them across the back of fences, wrap them around trees or hang them across pergolas to bring some light and sparkle into your space.

I hope you enjoy your outdoor meet ups and here's hoping the sunshine keeps coming!

Emma xo


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