Why I love Autumn

I’m going to say it…Autumn is my favourite season. I love the slow down that Autumn brings, the colours of nature as the summer comes to an end, and the promise of cosy evenings and open fires! 

A few of my favourite Autumn moments include;

Watching nature slow down
We are fortunate to have a beautiful big garden, but with size comes work to keep it all under control! When Autumn arrives, nature slows down and the relentless mowing and tidying is on hold. I love watching the garden move through the seasons, watching it fall to sleep after the high energy of the summer!

Warmth after the cold
After we’ve been on a good stomp around the fields and woods, coming home to a mug of hot chocolate and a snuggle up on the sofa under a blanket is absolute bliss! I love a mug I can hug to warm me up.

Finding inspiration in nature
I find Autumn an inspirational time with the warmth of the colours, the shifts of energy in nature as everything begins to slow and the crisp autumnal walks.  Inspiration can be found wherever you look and I am really excited to be able to share the new TismeEm Autumn range with you very soon! 

Comfort food
I can’t be the only person who craves stews, soups and warm plum crumbles once the cooler weather sets in. Goodbye to the salads, it’s roast dinners all the way now! 

Early mornings
With a toddler at home, early mornings are something I experience every day, whether I want to or not! I love to look out of our kitchen window as the sun rises when there’s dew on the cobwebs and you can see the breath from the horses in the field opposite. Just glorious. 

Have I convinced you? What do you love about Autumn? Leave your comments below, I’d love to hear them.

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